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Artificial Intelligence and its Future

Computers have been around for a long time. It all started with simple machines which could only do a few complex calculations and nothing more than that. But, with advancements over the years, it became quite different. And the introduction of the Internet became another revolution in technology. The definition of Computers as was taught to us in schools as a kid is no longer the same as before. When the internet was first introduced, it was just a medium for sending messages and emails at most and nothing more than that, but now the definition has changed over time again here as well.

The Internet is smarter than before and now offers astonishing features we never expected it would do when it first came in front of everyone. Now, What do we mean by all this? It is good for us that machines are becoming more intelligent, efficient and capable to do work. It will benefit us in the long run. Won’t it? Well, there are two faces of coin to this question. In fact, it will be quite tough to give a straightforward answer. Looking, at recent discoveries and inventions and analyzing them carefully, we tend to find that even machines nowadays are becoming more intelligent and coming close to human nature. The way voice assistant apps like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri understand what you say is simply incredible.

But, is this close friendship between humans and machines good enough and sustainable for the future? It can’t be said whether its going to be something like you see in fiction movies. But, yes it could be something disaster as well. Let’s take an example to understand it better. Suppose you have a robot which is intended to household stuff like helping you in your daily household activities. Something like a housewife robot! And what if a hacker hacks into your robot? And instead of directing it to cut Apples with the knife orders to kill you instead? Seems funny? Yes, it does, but it is true somewhat in itself. It can’t be said that this is going to happen or it’s going to turn into reality. But, the way machines are gaining Intelligence, it is quite plausible that they will know each and every insight about you.

Especially, the ongoing progress in the field of Internet of Things makes things easier and more dangerous to some extent, it will allow you to interact will all of your household items in a digital way. Like you could lock or unlock your door key, just from your phone anywhere. Sounds cool? What if someone steals your phone? You could have a camera view of your entire house from anywhere in the world. That’s great. What if thieves hack into its server and get to see a closer look at your house? Yes, these things might seem funny and hard to imagine at the moment.

But, who thought 100 years ago that in future you would be able to talk to someone in any part of the world through a device called Mobile Phone? All we could do is imagine. It is certainly quite hard to give a pinpoint answer to what artificial intelligence has in store for us. But, yes it is quite important now for us to be more sensitive to how we use technology and make sure humans control machines, not machines control humans.

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