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Facebook announced Bug Bounty Program

Hackers, Facebook will now reward you for their Bug Bounty Program.

The Internet Giant Facebook has been in quite hot debate nowadays for the data breach that took place to Cambridge Analytica. The news has covered up so much that this one is almost invisible to us. Facebook has always been rewarding hackers and geeks for finding a security breach in their systems. Facebook will expand its bug bounty program.

The company initially started the program in order to find out the vulnerabilities. Which enable the hackers to attack the social network. However, it will now incorporate the third party apps that misuse the data of its users.

In a blog post, it has stated that the program will now also be extended to common users to report issues or any misuse by app developers.

Recently, it was discovered that Facebook tracks its users online and also collect their personal information which even includes the text messages and the call logs. Three users of the Facebook Messenger have filed lawsuits against the company for violating their privacy. Some browsers like Mozilla do offer options to disable any tracking of data online. They could be handy if you’re too sensitive about your data.

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