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This AI Can Fake Dance Moves For You

This DeepFake AI can Fake Dance moves for you. In our previous article, we stated that DeepFake technology is used to fake the celebrities porn. With the development of technology day by day, now the DeepFake could fake dance for you. It observes the dance moves from someone and able to copy those moves to a targeted body.

On Aug 22, a paper was submitted on arXiv, their system is comprised of a number of discrete steps. First, a source video should be recorded which creates a skeleton of the test subject. Then, another skeleton figure is made of the target video. The AI then does the magic with the help of neural networking synthesizing video of the target.

Below is the example video of the Deepfake fake dance:

Obviously, the AI is not perfect. For instance, one would see blurry images, jittering and sometimes even missing body parts. But all things considered, the tool seems fun and will certainly help you fool people around you that you can dance.

And there’s a limitation to the technology, that it couldn’t perfectly make the video. As you could see some missing parts between the video and can’t able to model loose fabrics. Also, the AI could not reproduce complex movements, like a hand flipping from back to front.

This tech might create a bad implication among the youngsters to bully each other by making morphed videos of others.

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