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Co-founder of WhatsApp Tells Everyone To Delete Facebook

The Social Network Giant, Facebook bought the WhatsApp from Jan Koum and Brian Acton for $16 Billion in 2014. Jan continued to work at WhatsApp, but Acton quit from WhatsApp earlier this year. In his tweet, Acton, Co-founder of WhatsApp tells everyone to delete Facebook.

Acton tweets to #deletefacebook after a massive data leak of Facebook from Cambridge Analytica where more than 50 million Facebook users data was leaked which is five days before Acton tweet this.

Co-founder of WhatsApp Tells Everyone To Delete Facebook

It’s also worth noting that in WhatsApp’s early days, he pledged to never sell ads on his app. However, he ended up selling his company to Facebook, which is basically an advertisement company disguised as a social network. While many called this step hypocritical, it’s pleasing to see him support privacy-focused services.

After quitting from WhatsApp, Acton recently invested about $50 million in Signal and joined the signal foundation as well.

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