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PlayStation Classic Hacked Due to Some Basic Security Features

PlayStation Classic Hacked Easily Due to Missing Basic Security Features

Sony has always been one of the leaders when it comes to PlayStation Devices, although Microsoft had always been trying to catch up with them with their Xbox series, PlayStation has been the preferred choice for many. As the PlayStation consoles are pretty expensive and not into everyone’s budget and Sony just 10 days back launched PlayStation classic which of course was cheaper roughly priced at 99.99$ (₹7300). And could fit easily into the budget of many. But, it looks like Sony didn’t pay much attention to even the basic security features of the device.

And so, the device was hacked easily by the hacking community and the games which weren’t even preloaded onto it were able to run fine on it too. The job was pretty easy for the hackers as the encryption key used for the device was not onto any external server but somewhere stored in the device itself. Which certainly made the task easy.

Console hackers Yi-fanlu and madmonkey1907 were able to dump the PlayStation Classic’s code via the system’s serial port in the days after its release. After this, they discovered that the most crucial parts of the PlayStation Classic were signed and encrypted using a key in the device itself instead of using one held by Sony alone.

What this means is Sony is selling the PlayStation Classic with the means to modify how it can be used within the device itself. You’d think Sony would care to include basic security measures, though this is far from the case.

It has been quite a long time since Sony has been into the gaming market industry and rarely has it ever happened that Sony has failed to deliver even such basic Security features in their products.

However, this seems to be one of the cases. After successive failures in the smartphone industry, it looks like becoming tougher for Sony to cope up with the gaming Industry too. And if such scenes kept on recurring again and by large, then it will be a hard time for the company to back themselves up again.

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