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Google is working on a tool to help you spot fake videos

We all have encountered many fake videos on the Internet. Which really hinders the purpose of videos being a proof in certain cases as nowadays any can tamper the videos and edit it so nicely that it looks almost real.

According to Google engineer Supasorn Suwajanakorn — who has developed a tool which, fed with the right input, can create a realistic fake video that mimics the way a person talks by closely observing existing footage of their mouth and teeth to create the perfect lip-sync. Such technology could be used to create virtual versions of those who have passed – grandparents could be asked for advice; actors returned to the screen; great teachers give lessons, or authors read their works aloud, according to Suwajanakorn.

He noted a New Dimensions in Testimony project that lets people have conversations with holograms of Holocaust survivors.
These results seemed intriguing, but at the same time troubling; it concerns me, the potential for misuse,” he said.

So, I am also working on counter-measure technology to detect fake images and video.

He worried, for example, that war could be triggered by the bogus video of a world leader announcing a nuclear strike. There have been many incidents when fake videos have troubled the people. This technology will certainly be a boon to stop such videos in future.

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