Amazon Alexa Whisper Mode Begins Rolling Out, Is Disabled by Default

Amazon Alexa Whisper Mode Begins Rolling Out, Is Disabled by Default. Amazon Alexa has one of the top choices of the people when it comes to voice assistant devices.

Now reportedly in the US, Alexa has started getting an update for a new whisper mode. According to sources, in this mode, Alexa will whisper back to you if you’re whispering into her. But, as of now, the mode works only in US English. But, the feature has been disabled by default and users will have to enable it manually. In order to bring whisper mode, the team had to build a neural network to figure out when you are whispering and the text-to-speech team had to figure out how to have Alexa whisper and play a lullaby.

Apart from this, Alexa is also set to get more conversational with a new feature called Follow-Up coming soon. It looks to bring exciting and more contextual conversations to Alexa. For example, “What’s the weather in LA?” leads to info, “how far is it?” leads to the answer, and “recommend a restaurant there” will give eatery suggestions

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