How to enable gmail offline mode and use without internet?

To make use of Gmail, one needs an active internet to get an uninterrupted Gmail service. By end of this article, you can use the Gmail offline without having any internet connection. Recently the Gmail announced that a new design for the Gmail soon. Meanwhile, the Gmail having an offline mode to work with.

Read this first:

The Gmail offline mode will only work on Google Chrome Browser. As we’re going to use an exclusive Chrome Extension. All the Mail received will be stored locally to the browser’s local storage. So that, it can be retrieved at any time and it’ll synchronize when connecting to the internet.

So how to enable the feature?
  • Oen your Google Chrome browser and Go to Settings from your Gmail account > Offline
  • Click on Install Gmail offline and install the extension.

  • Now open the installed extension by going to the URL and select Allow offline mail.

  • It is up to your choice to download mail from last week or month by clicking on the settings button at the top right and click on apply.
  • Now your emails from your Gmail will be downloaded for offline use.

You can use multiple Gmail accounts in offline mode. If you want to add more accounts, click your email id and you’ll find the option to add more of your Gmail accounts to offline mode.

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