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What is TOR browser? and How to use it? – Explained by CyberIntro

A Beginner’s guide to Tor browser: How to navigate through the underground Internet? Every one might be very interested to learn about and use the dark web. But there are some procedure one might follow and if you are one of the enthusiasts then this article would perfectly if for all your need and queries.

We, humans, are likely to be living in the era of free-flowing data all around us there are barrels of information collected all around us and those who need it just open it up and choose what they want. In short, all the information nowadays are not just miles away but just a click away from our fingertips. But all the ease also need privacy as we all are concerned about our personal data so privacy and also been evolved and complicated with the advancing data sharing.

So, far away from all this data gathering and exchanges. A notorious web browser Tor has come in the notice which is being well discussed about its specialty of giving anonymity to the user of it.

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Now the question arises what exactly is Tor from where its roots come from?

Tor exactly is a software that allows the user to browse the web anonymously being developed by the Tor project, a non-profit organization that advocated for anonymity over the internet, Tor was originally called as (The Onion Router). It is named so because it uses a technique called the onion routing which conceals the user information about users activity and it’s very ironical that the project is funded by the United States Government that views Tor as a master tool for fostering democracy in authoritarian states.

Why the internet isn’t secure?

The internet that we use every day in our life is just a link between data and information sharing and viewing hence the data can easily be at risk with those pest scammers and other trackers who track the system usage  like what Google does collects user information for just a silly reason that to increase the customer user interface. So for all this issue and problem, someone has to give a solution and here come the Tor browser.

How Tor has the Answer?

There are two key aspects to onion routing.

Firstly, the Tor network is composed of volunteers who use their computers as a node. As already mentioned above information normal internet browsing information travel across the internet in the form of packets. Whereas in the case of Tor the information travels through the server but mark it creates a randomly assigned node and every information goes through different nodes before reaching the host server and this is how it works. And another important aspect of tor is that the packet which is usually sent with the sender address. But in Tor, the packet is wrapped in several other layers of packets.

Now you all must have got interested to use the Tor web and here the different ways you can download setup and access it. Tor is free to use for everyone.

Just simply download an application for internet with is a modified version of the Firefox browser. For Android, there is an app called Orbot.

How mostly uses The Tor browser?

Tor has become very popular in countries like China. Where there are internet restrictions and media censorship it is mostly used by journalist and other Social workers who need to be tracked for there usage on the internet.

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