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What is Android Auto? And How it is different from Google Maps?

From thrilling road trips to picking up groceries from the nearby store, we use GPS navigation all the time. A navigation system acts as a light in a dark tunnel (it literally lights up!), helping us avoid traffic, travel safely, and optimize our route to reach the destination on time for all this the first thing we do “Turn on the GPS and search for the nearby things”. And this is what the new “Android Auto” does and meaningfully in a lot more interactive way.

While initially launched as in-dash navigation in 2015 and presently be downloaded from Playstore. And Apple is also not less in the Market it has also released Apple released a similar GPS system known as Apple CarPlay in 2014, but sadly it continued the Apple Maps legacy of notorious glitches. With the upcoming overhauling of Apple Maps, we can expect improvements to CarPlay as well.

What is Android Auto?

All this is ok but what exactly is Android Auto. Android Auto is a simplified version of your Android phone and carefully crafted for driving and riding. So now let’s go through the new features in the App.

– Voice Automated Navigation

The same Google Assistant is your GPS assistant. Just tap the mic button or say “Ok Google ” and get your work done easily.

– Composition and layout

The minimalist design makes the navigation much easier with a spacious layout and easy handling.

– Card-based menu

This notification and other important updates appear in form of the card which can easily be dismissed once seen.

– Battery Usage

It’s obviously good in comparison of Google Maps. Android Auto uses a very minimal amount of battery. The secret behind this is a feather-light interference and low RAM usage.

How does the Android Auto work?

The app casts a lightweight UI on the dashboard via a USB and to save battery the phone screen goes off.

– Compatibility

Android running on 5.0 and above. But a huge no for the iOS user.

-Compatible cars with Android Auto

A quite extensive number of cars which counts nearly 400 can use Android Auto

-Companion App that can be used with Android Auto

Messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Music apps can be used along with Android Auto.

-Now at last where the Google Maps goes down.

While Android Auto turns an Android phone into a car-friendly device, Google Maps, on the other hand, still deals with sluggish performance and other apps distractions. It still is slow and not at all smooth as The new Android Auto.

– Another significant drawback is that the Google Maps still behave like an app rather than a fully fledged GPS Navigation System.

The most annoying things are the accidental sudden app switch over and other app distraction.
But after all Google Maps is not that bad With the alternative in hand, Google Maps might only be useful while walking or cycling since other app involvements are not really a concern at that time.

– where it can be downloaded

It can be downloaded directly from Playstore or if someone what indirect download then there are many sites like APK mirror, UP to DOWN studio etc.

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