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Now send and request money through Google Assistant

Google Assistant, popular for being one of the best virtual assistants out there with best AI technology. By the way, now send and request money through Google Assistant. The feature will allow users to send and request money. For example, saying “Send 10$ to Ram for lunch” is all you need to say and Google Assistant will do the rest for you. The feature uses voice matching and fingerprint or password authentication if available to confirm your authenticity.

According to a blog post on Google Blog by Google Pay product Manager Sam Kansara, The feature will initially just be available for users in the US but soon expand in other countries.

Meanwhile, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is also testing UPI Payments feature for months which will make doing payments, especially in India hassle-free. It is noted that WhatsApp was integrated with ICICIback for the payments.

As of now, there’s no information about which countries are on the list to receive this feature but it’s sure that you do need a Google Pay account for the service to work. But, still how secure this feature is going to remain a question unanswered.

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