Project Andromeda: Microsoft’s foldable Surface Phone may finally launch in 2019

Project Andromeda: Microsoft’s foldable Surface Phone may finally launch in 2019. Its been a long time since Microsoft exited the smartphone market. Way back in 2011, Microsoft had parterned with then Smartphone Giant Old school Nokia to launch a series of smartphones running Microsoft’s own Windows Phone Operating system.

But, the phones failed miserably to dominate over the market. After Downfall of Nokia, Microsoft continued making smartphones running Windows Phone OS but nothing seemed to improve their lot. And hence, they finally exited the segment altogether.

And now, after a long time, it is heard that Microsoft is coming back with its Andromeda Phone which is going to be a foldable smartphone as well. Samsung became one of the first smartphone companies in the world to unveil a foldable phone. At its developer conference in San Francisco last month, Samsung a glimpse of its foldable-screen phone which could be opened like a book.

The phone is expected to officially launch early next month. Samsung is betting big on the foldable phones and is reported to produce at least 1 million units of them.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft is working on a similar device just like Samsung as well. Earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft Surface Phone will be compact and will easily fit in users’ pocket. The device is promised to be a “new and disruptive category”. The prototypes surfacing over the Internet have revealed many things about the device.

Although the details about the device available are very less, it is expected that more details will be out by next year and it will be interesting to see what new technology or innovation will it bring along with it.

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