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Quora Gets hit with a security breach, more than 100 million users affected

Quora Gets hit with a security breach, more than 100 million users affected. Since the big scandal of the Facebook data breach. Such incidents have been increasing day in and day out. And this time, it is one of the most famous informational questions and answers site, Quora.

The information about data breach taking place only came into the site when it was found that many users have received emails from Quora stating about the data comprise. According to Quora and mail received by users, it has been told that data such as Name, Email address, public content, your posted questions and answers, upvotes as well.

Although, answers are written as anonymous users aren’t compromised and are completely safe. According to Quora, the investigation has been launched by their team to look deep into the issue and see how did the attackers get through the system.

Also, it is quite difficult to find and trace attackers as they’ve become quite smart as well. Last month, the eCommerce major Amazon had also reported a similar security breach, although Amazon didn’t tell how many people were affected by the attack, it did email all the affected users informing them about what data has been compromised. The increasing incidents of data breach across all famous websites clearly indicate how insecure using the Internet have become.

Your Privacy and important data may fall into someone else’s hands without your consent and any fault. It is high time for the major Internet societies to sit and have a discussion on the matter.


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