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Android Q leaks revealed System-Wide Dark mode, Desktop mode

What will be the name for Android Q?

Quesito? Quiche? Queen of Puddings? Whatever it may be, we call it Android Q. It seems Android Pie was just released yesterday and now Google is about to release its next Android version.

Android, Certainly the most used and everyone’s favorite OS has seen and gone through a lot of changes over time. Many features have been introduced in the OS since it was released and in fact, there’s always demand for more. With the release of Android Pie, new features such as a revamped gesture support navigation bar along with new recent and icons did look appealing and nice but still there was nothing to be called magical in the new version.

Now, according to the leaks, Google is reportedly working on the New upcoming Android Q. Which is expected to support features such as a systemwide dark mode and a full desktop mode may be just like Samsung’s DeX. Full details are still unknown to us, and all this information has been derived from a beta source leak caught by XDA-Developers.

The system-wide dark mode will not only provide seamless support for system apps built in but also extend support to all other apps which don’t support it natively to a limited extent. The dark mode will support auto-enabling based on a time interval of the day. Here are some images of Android Dark mode theme from XDA-Developers:

Android dark mode
Credit: XDA-Developers

When it comes to accessibility features, two new tools might arrive with Android Q. The first one is ‘Time to take action’ that lets users choose how long they want an action-prompting message to be shown before it disappears.

The ‘Time to read’ tool will allow users to specify the duration for which they want messages to be visible. Other minor discoveries include a ‘sensors off’ tool in the quick settings for disabling all sensors. There may be a host of new privacy features with the launch of Android Q and it is expected to be a major hit when comes to the market.

Google has been relying on the light colored material design for the majority of the system apps since the arrival of Android Lollipop. The dark mode will certainly prove to be an aid.

Check out this video:

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