Woman loses Rs 1 lakh to ‘Google search fraud’

Woman loses Rs 1 lakh to ‘Google search fraud’. Do you believe blindfolded on Google? Well, in most of the cases we all do. And why shouldn’t we? Google is the top and most used search engine on the Internet and it has been providing correct information to all of us most of the times. But, believing too much on someone might turn out troublesome for you as well as in the case of a woman from East Delhi in India.

The woman saw a suspicious activity of a small amount in her e-wallet. So, to find out what and where did it came from she tried searching for the customer care number for the bank.


Well, she did find the customer care number of the bank, the person on the other side asked all her bank details including sensitive information like ATM PIN. The lady believing the person to be a bank official gave him all the required information. And suddenly she lost ₹1 lakh from her e-wallet account. The main reason behind this fraudster seems to be the feature provided by Google to change phone numbers of shops, banks or any other customer care numbers for the benefit of others. And this is what turned out be the biggest threat to her.

The fraudsters seemed to change the official customer care details with those of their own, luring others to call them mistaking that its the official number and handing over their sensitive bank details.

Also, A scamster recently changed the contact details of an EPFO office in Mumbai on Google search. When people contacted on that mobile number, the scamster asked for personal details from the callers and duped several of them.

Hence, it is advised not to blindly believe what you see on Google, in fact, try to rely on official websites and sources always for the correct information.

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