Will Google’s Fuchsia OS replace Android OS?

Is Fuchsia OS going to be the next Android OS? Android and Chrome OS are already the two major operating systems of Google. Out of these two, Android already has got hold of most of the users across the world. And in fact certainly is the most popular and widely used Operating system across the country. But, as time passes by change becomes evitable.

Fuchsia OS:

Google has been working on a new operating system for 2 years. Although, Google never ever revealed anything about the OS and in fact never ever gave an official hint about it.

But, the Internet isn’t small, there’s someone somewhere behind the curtains spotting everything from within. A lot of leaks did come in front about the Fuschia OS but nothing was clear by that time. Although the OS seems to be kind of unwanted seeing the popularity of Android OS and its versatility existing in today’s ecosystem.

But, Google along with Fuschia OS seems to plan a bit different. Rather than just providing new features and a new look overhaul, they are focussing on the unignored aspects of the Android Operating System.

Along with Fuschia OS, just like Apple, even Google will be able to push updates to all its users on any device easily, rather than depending on OEMs in case of Android.

In fact, less than 10% of Android users receive their OS updates on time, and in fact, more than a year old devices don’t receive in some cases at all.

Fuschia OS will focus on broader issues and features not present in the Android OS. It will be present everywhere. An OS which will work on literally anything. Smart watches to smart walls or smart doors. Fuschia will get you all covered.

However, going by rumors and updates that have been flying around for years after the discovery of Google’s new project, Fuchsia is believed to be the planned successor of the popular Android OS.

In fact, many reports suggest that Google intends to make this happen within a 5-year timeframe. Although, it will be a hard time for the parent company itself to take over on itself. Yes, What we mean by that is Android isn’t now just another operating system, it has, in fact, deep-rooted itself in the eyes of every smartphone user.

Fuschia will certainly have a hard time taking over Android and in fact, it might not even be possible to do so. Another logical approach to the scenario can be quite interesting. Google may launch Fuschia not as an operating system but as the next version of Android itself.

Although it might seem less likely, it will be somewhat of an intelligent choice. Creation of a new operating system would mean a new workload for the developers to code their app to work on the new OS. And if Fuschia will be a standalone operating system supporting Android apps, then it will certainly kill its purpose of existence.

Although, it is all just a game of predictions and nothing can be said about the matter as of now. Would Google launch Fuschia is an unanswered question in itself?

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