WhatsApp Picture in Picture mode rolled out

WhatsApp picture in picture mode (pip mode) found on the latest update of all Android users. WhatsApp has always been working on something new for its users and it always makes sure that features are implemented properly without any bugs through thorough beta testing.

This time, WhatsApp has introduced the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for all its Android devices. The feature was already Available for iOS devices and was rolled for Android beta testers way back in October. And now has been released across all Android devices in the version 2.18.380 Available to download now on the play store.

The feature is pretty simple and fair. What it does is that instead of redirecting and opening the link of YouTube or Facebook videos in an external browser or page, it starts playing the video in a small floating window which can be resized and switched to full screen easily as well.

The feature works for individual and group chats both perfectly. WhatsApp has also been testing other new features for Android, such as an improved group calling interface. This will allow users to call up all members of a group call at the same time, instead of considering individually adding them to an existing call.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a Dark Mode Interface just like YouTube to offer a better nighttime viewing.

Earlier Google had also cited that using dark mode does save a lot of battery life on Android devices and in fact may be in the next upcoming Android versions we may see a full system throughout dark mode across Android.

Although The parent company Facebook has been in talks due to various security leaks and bugs in the system, WhatsApp seems to have a clean chit till date. Although some questions have been raised in the past regarding privacy of WhatsApp users, no concrete evidence has been found in favor.

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